the saint somewhere EP

by Kid Gramophone

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released October 20, 2012



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Kid Gramophone Riverside, California

Kid Gramophone is an indie/pop/rock band that is native to Redlands. They have been playing together for the last 5 years. Kid Gramophone has played all over from Lake Elsinore to Hollywood. They light up the stage with their tunes and energy they bring to every show. They recently just released their 2nd EP titled "Saint Somewhere". Be sure to check it out or purchase it online. ... more

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Track Name: all i ever get
you were right all along
if you guessed you were wrong
i'm all sixes and sevens
god, i'm so sick of having
to hear you out, again and again

that's all i ever get

you could see through my eyes
you said you could read my mind
it was a little bit like a book jacket
that you put back where you had found
once you realize that you've read it all before

that's all i ever get

she said i need to learn to settle some more
but the only time i do is when i settle the score

i broke my heart in two
just to make more room for you

that's all i ever get

i bite my tongue
while he's having at hers
lady luck, it seems
will be with anybody but me
i'm too young to feel so old
and you're too drunk to pretend
like you're so bored

that's all i ever get
Track Name: b.c.o.e
opportunity, my old friend
we'd play ding-dong ditch
back when we were ten

if silence is the canvas,
an idea the pen, i've got a dozen of them
that i don't know what to do with

lord knows that i'm not alone
an entire generation
lying down praying too
the patron saint of procrastination
ain't none better
ain't been ever

so you're getting close?
the growing pains get worse
the memory of the sentence at
the bottom of your lip
tattooed in all black, in capitals and ink;
"just try me"
what'd you think?
it'd let you set the scene?

so you find your way back home again
and you're doing it on your own
and i swear;
just to find your way back home again
doing it on your own
Track Name: uptown/downtown
uptown, downtown
moving all around
in this cliché, coast state
burned, suburban town
where the crowd meets up
on the local avenue
and the sky lights up
as the night comes into view

a light bulb burst at the end of the block
and a young boy cries
with the aid of the shock

a girl waves a flag
with her lover in hand
another nail on the cross
and we do it again and again

so we try it again
one more time, from the top
where we left it off

so we try it again
one more time, for the people
that you wasted it on

so we try it again
one more time, from the top
where we left it off

yeah, we try it again

can you?
would you?
do you think you could?
say something
so that i can be understood
i don't like the movies
or the last minute sellouts
constant reminder
that i'm climbing and i can't get out

shotgun blast at the end of the block
and a young girl dies
with the aid of the shot

i don't have a last name
a home, or a face
and the last thing i remember
i was never wanted in this place

no one's ever gonna come back this way again
no one's ever gonna come back this way again

got time to spend but i never change
put in your two cents but you never make any
Track Name: north of mexico
slumming on the weekend
with her daddy's cash
see how the bigger half lives
i've never been so good with math
she's not so good with keeping track of
those numbers on the dashboard
driving to the north of mexico

she'd wait all day
just to say "i told you so"
and "just sing, don't you cry"

she's got a place in town tonight
i've got five minutes to make up my mind
well, let him know you've got to go

you know the type;
weekend warrior for christ
generation "why even try
and make an effort?"

she'd wait all day
just to say "i told you so"
and "just sing, don't you cry"
Track Name: saint somewhere
slipping out the back door
running through the side streets
keeping both our breath in time

i’m guessing you lied
when you you said that I’d be
waiting for something other then
what had brought me here

friday nights tongue tied by the bathroom stall
i read the poem that you scribbled in the dark
on the bathroom wall
“we’re just killing time before it pays us back in kind”

and just like fast cash
like a hand that pats itself on the back
like a joke that makes itself laugh
you’re a boat that sails without a life raft

and we’ve done it all before
so we do it once more

we’re the “next-big-thing” all lined up
just to be the next big “has-been”
and we’re sticking to ideas
just like roadkill sticks to pavement

and all that time you lose
making up for lost time
suburban blues of someone doing fine

a million ways to say it
but you had to choose the wrong way
spending countless nights inspired
writing memoirs of a liar
and tales of west coast fever
and the dust in the air
there’s a chance you’ll see her driving out there
up to the city of saint somewhere
riding airwaves and earthquakes
i know because I’ve been there myself
and I’ve been around long enough
to recognize that girls eyes
hotel beds and the friends who lie in them

And we’ve done it all before
So we do it once more